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+=== Cleanup plan ===
+This are the things that will be done the next few days/weeks to clean it up:
+  * Rename the projects. the main project will become jpurple, the build project will become jpurple-dependencies and the android client will get a new name.
+  * Rename the packages. We will switch all im.pidgin.libpurple to im.pidgin.jpurple
+  * Rename the repo soc/2012/michael/android to soc/2012/michael/libpruple
+  * Move the android/workspace directory to a new repository (soc/2012/michael/android) and delete it from the main repo (using hg convert)
+  * merge the andoid branch with the default branch in the soc/2012/michael/libpruple, so that there is only one active branch.
+End result:
+We have soc/2012/michael/android, which contains all android/java related source code.
+And we have soc/2012/michael/libpruple, which is the libpurple branch of the android devs that contains changes to libpurple.
 == Contact ==
 This project is done by Michael Zangl. You can contract him per mail using michael (at) soc.pidgin.im.


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