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 || Pidglet || [http://www.rudism.com Go] || A Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget that displays your buddy list. ||
 || Purple Plugin Pack || [https://www.guifications.org/projects/purple-plugin-pack/ Go] || Provides over 50 various plugins, including oft-requested IRC-related plugins. ||
 || QIP decoder || [http://www.sedaha.cz/qip-decoder/ Go] || Corrects invalid incoming QIP 2005 diacritics and local symbols ||
-|| RSS / ATOM || [https://github.com/hrj/feedgin/ Go] || Loads RSS Feeds into conversation windows. Requires Perl and Linux. ||
+|| RSS / ATOM || [https://github.com/hrj/feedgin/ Go] || Shows Feed updates as messages in a conversation window. Requires Python and presently only works on Linux. ||
 || Send Screenshot || [http://code.google.com/p/pidgin-sendscreenshot/ Go] || Take a screenshot and send it to a buddy. ||
 || STFW || [http://linuxandwhatever.wordpress.com/stfw-pidgin-plugin/ Go] || A plugin that helps you teach your buddies how to use google. ||
 || URL Shorten || [https://github.com/danielb2/pidgin-plugins Go] || Perl plugin to shorten long urls. Especially useful for finch. Download and put in plugins directory. URLs are shortened as they come in if they exceed maximum length setting. no action required. Requires some perl libraries to work. ||


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