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 Embargo date: [Either "none" or the agreed upon date]
  2. As the embargo date approaches, a developer should be chosen to commit the fix to their repository.  Do not push yet, but go through the normal release process and prepare the ChangeLog, NEWS, etc.  This developer should also create (but not upload) tarballs.  It's often nice to provide the tarball to packagers prior to the embargo date.
- 2. On the day of the embargo, push the changes to the repository and update http://pidgin.im/news/security/
+ 2. On the day of the embargo, push the changes to the boyacı [http://www.boyabadanaustasi.com/ boyacı] tadilat [http://www.evboyatadilat.com/ ev boya tadilat] dış cephe boya mantolama [http://www.discepheboyamantolama.com/ dış cephe boya mantolama]
+ repository and update http://pidgin.im/news/security/
 = Information for Distributors =
 Anyone who packages or distributes Pidgin, Finch or libpurple to a large audience is eligible to be on our "packagers" mailing list.  This is a private mailing list that we use to pre-announce security vulnerabilities and organize a disclosure date.  If you think you should be on this mailing list, please send an email to mark at kingant.net and request access.


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