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 This is a new 'feature' of Facebook chat.  XMPP groups can be controlled by the XMPP server so any changes you make can be overridden.
+=== Why can't Pidgin seem to send Facebook messages? ===
+If you have configured Pidgin as instructed above, and Pidgin connects successfully but only appears capable of receiving Facebook messages, it is most likely because you have disabled Facebook Apps.
+To re-enable Apps, first click the arrow dropdown in the top-right of Facbook, then click "Privacy Settings". Click on "Edit Settings" next to "Apps and Websites". Next to "Apps you use" ensure that you turn on apps. Pidgin should now be able to send Facebook messages.
+If you are concerned about your privacy due to others accessing your information via apps, on the same page you can click "Edit Settings" next to "How people bring your info to apps they use" and un-check all the boxes in that popup menu (leaving the "If I'm online" checked may be a good idea).
+Further, again on that same page, you can click on "Edit Settings" next to "Instant personalization", click "Close" to remove the video popup distraction, then finally uncheck the box marked "Enable instant personalization on partner websites."
 == Other Protocols ==
 === Why does Pidgin not support !CyanChat, MS LCS, !NateOn, Netsoul, Paltalk, Rediffbol, Skype, Steam, Teamspeak, Tlen.pl, WinMX, Xfire or any other protocol? ===


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