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 == I Want to Help Translate ==
-We prefer to have a specific person or group of people maintain the translation for a particular language.  If Pidgin already has a translation for the language you want to help with, please contact the translator for that language and ask if there's anything you can do.  It's possible they're looking for someone to take over.  You can find their email address in Pidgin's About window.  Please see below for further details on our procedure for dealing with translation updates.
+To improve consistency and quality we prefer to have a designated person or group of people maintain each translation.  If Pidgin already has a translation for your language, please contact the designated translator(s) and ask if you can help.  It's possible they are looking for someone to take over.  You can find their email address in Pidgin's Help --> Translator Information window.
 == I Want to Translate to a New Language ==
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 == How Pidgin Handles Translation Updates ==
-We have a small set of rules that we follow in handling the submission of translation updates.  Our rules are pretty simple:
-  * Each language we have a translation for has a current translator.  The current translator may be a single person, a small team of two or three people, or a group of several individuals.
   * Current translators are always listed in Pidgin's About dialog (Help -> About from Pidgin's Buddy List window) by name, and each translator's e-mail address is included.  Because of this, we need current translators to inform us if their e-mail address changes.
   * Translation updates for each language are accepted '''''only''''' from its current translator, except when:
     * The current translator has told us he/she wishes to retire from translating Pidgin


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