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+== Apple Generation ==
+Apple has managed to make up lost ground to Microsoft since the release of personal computers (PC) back in the mid 80s. In the early 80s, one of Apple's geeks decided to leave the company and started his own. The geek that left was Bill Gates. Bill Gates believed in open technology, allowing his computer systems to be compatible with programs developed by third party vendors. That gave way to the technology revolution that has shaken up the world since the beginning of the 90s when the Internet was first released for public consumption. As PCs users rose by the millions, Apple just watched from the corners unable to stop the rise of a giant by the name of Microsoft.
+It's now 2009 and although Microsoft still dominates the personal computer markets, Apple has managed to become relevant again.
+Apple is now the synonymous of stylish, reliability and coolness.
+The market strategy changed from marketing personal computers to how cool it is to have your "Whole CD Library with you all the time" Steve Jobs (Apple's CEO) tells reporters in a press conference in 2001. As the iPod hits the stores in November 2001, Apple sells 125,000 iPods during the holiday season. And although Apple was first seen as a potential threat to digital multimedia products such as music, for it's "Rip, Mix, Burn" slogan, Steve Jobs assured the music giants that the iPod will not violate any laws because it was developed to "legally acquire music" and he added, "you have the right to manage it in all other devices you own"
+By late 2005, iPods were the most popular product of the Apple's line. And all of this was happening when the hard drive was still in place (this means the device had a slower response) In August 2006, Creative and Apple square off in court. Creative and Apple trade lawsuits in court alleging that both have violated patents, Apple and Creative settle their disputes when Apple agrees to pay a $100 million settlement. Creative agrees to begin making Apple iPods accessories.
+In late September 2005, Apple and Motorola release a cell phone by the name of ROKR. Steve Jobs called this device an iPod Shuffle in your phone. In a bold statement in October 2005, Apple announces that there are more phones yet to roll out of production. Although iPod was enjoying a huge success by this time, Apple ambitious projects focus on something far larger than audio on the go. It was clear that Apple already had the iPhone idea by then since in September 16 2006, Apple files for iPhone trademarks in New Zealand. And although everything seemed go smoothly for Apple, in September 2005, Ocean Telecom Services files for iPhone trademark in the United States. Another battle was waged between Apple and Ocean Telecom but this time Apple emerged victorious and the patent was granted to Apple iPhone. Then in December 2006 Linksys which is a company owned by Cisco launched a VoIP phone named Iphone. Cisco however, owned the Iphone name since 2000.
+Finally, in January 09 2007, Steve Jobs announced at Macworld that Apple will release the iPhone and he also provided a bit of it's capabilities. But right before the launch of the iPhone, Cisco suits Apple for the iPhone name and both corporations agree to share the iPhone name.
+In turmoil May 16 2007 right before the iPhone release, a rumor makes the news that Apple will delay the release of the highly anticipated iPhone. These rumors make Apple stocks stumble and the company loses almost 4 billions in one day. [http://www.applesite.com/ apple]
+Since 2007, Apple has retired it's 2GB version of the iPhone and has upgraded it's original phone to a more robust stronger device. The current device is now able to stream, download, and create high quality video on the fly and it runs on a powerful 3G network that allows for fast Internet connectivity.
+Even though Apple has been closed to the idea of allowing third party applications running on its proprietary hardware, those closed minded ideas are beginning to crack. In early 2008, Apple announced that it would allow third party vendors to develop applications for its iPhone/iPod touch.
+This move by Apple is creating great success in the Mobile gaming business which is another feature that is well exploited in the iPhone/iPod. iTunes (Apple's Multimedia Store) is loaded with hundreds of thousands of applications for the iPod and iPhone for a minimal fee.
+Apple has managed to create a device that appeals to everyone. The newest iPhone currently runs on a 3G wireless network and contains a large 32 gigabyte storage capacity.
+Apple challenges consumers to answer the following question; where can you find a mini Mac computer that you can fit in your hand and is able to; make phone calls, browse the Internet, carry a whole music catalog, and allows you to play games? The simple answer to Apple's question is the iPhone.
+Stay up to date with the newest features discovered for your iPhone or iPod touch.
+The health benefits of apples are significant and who doesn't love the taste of a freshly picked apple, or a warm apple pie in the fall? We all remember the saying "An apple a day keeps the doctor away!". Aside from being a memorable childhood rhyme, it is based on the fact that apples have great health benefits and an interesting history to go with it.
+In the springtime, apple trees are filled with blossoming flowers. In the autumn, the flowers begin to fall off and the fruit begins to grow. Orchard owners can look forward to each year's crop being more plentiful than the last with the proper pollination and fertilization.


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