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= debugging native code in Android. =

  * (skip for Testclient) Set android:debuggable="true" in your application definition in the AndroidManifest.xml.
  * Open the debug configuration dialog.
  * Create a new Debug configuration by double-clicking on ''C/C++ Attach to Application''
  * This needs to be done in the main tab:
    * Enter im.pidgin.libpurple as Project name
    * Enter Android/libim.pidgin.libpurple.so as C/C++ Application name (or just click on Search project... to find it)
  * Go to the debugger tab.
    * Select gdbserver as Debugger.
    * Enter ${ndk.root}/bin/arm-linux-androideabi-gdb in the GDB debugger filed.
    * As command file, select the gdb.setup file in the native directory.
    * In the connection tab, enter TCP as connection type, localhost as target and 5039 as port.
  * Close the dialog by hitting Apply and Close.


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