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 === get the source ===
-Check out the Android branch im.pidgin.soc.2012.android into a new working directory.
+Check out the Android branch soc.2012.android from the [http://hg.pidgin.im/soc/2012/michael/android/ android repository] into a new working directory.
 === Eclipse ===
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 == Explore the Workspace ==
-There are several projects:
- im.pidgin.libpurple.build::
-   Needed utilities to build libpurple and its requirements.
-   The direcotry buildscripts contains all the files that build the required projects. They are included in the eclipse build process. If you want to rebuild a library, just touch the buildfile for that library. If you touch common.ant, all libraries will be rebuild.
+There is an extra page on the [wiki:GSoC2012/Android/structure project structure] of the android projects.
 == Problems ==
 glib-compile-resources not found


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