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 == Emoticon cache ==
 Currently Pidgin does nothing with received emoticons.  It could save a lot of bandwidth if a cache of received emoticons existed.  It could also be merged with local custom smileys so we have a unified way to manage these files.  The cache can be done per session, per conversation, per account, or as a global permanent cache (just as buddy icons).  The preferred method is a permanent cache so emoticons could be fetched only once.
-== ICQ TLC ==
-Our ICQ implementation in the OSCAR code is substandard:
-  * We do not have full support for ICQ's:
-    * privacy (#1009)
-      * Currently our block list is ICQ's Invisible List
-      * Currently our allow list is ICQ's Visible List
-    * message formatting (#3271)
-  * Buddy list management is suboptimal
-  * Message size restrictions are likely wrong (#4628)
-  * There are many open tickets about encoding issues.
-Your goal is to compare what libpurple does at a protocol level with what the ''official Windows ICQ client'' does, figure out where it differs, and to repair libpurple's implementation, extending Pidgin's, Finch's, and libpurple's capabilities where possible or necessary.
-As an optional part of this project, consider adopting the patch on #365 for multiple file transfers and improve it per rlaager's suggestions in the ticket's comments.  Of course, credit needs to go to the original author as well.  This patch isn't directly related to ICQ, but it can help Pidgin users who use AIM and ICQ and have buddies using the official Windows AIM client.
 == MySpaceIM TLC ==
 Our MySpaceIM implementation is currently substandard. The plugin was developed as part of Summer of Code 2007 by reverse-engineering the protocol spoken by the official client (making it the first publicly-available third party MySpaceIM implementation), and although it is functional, further reverse-engineering of the protocol and bug-fixing of the libpurple implementation is needed to bring our client up to par with the official client. 


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