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@@ -15,8 +15,8 @@
  1. Make sure the date and version number are correct in !ChangeLog
  1. Change version number at the top of configure.ac, set {{{purple_version_suffix}}} '''and''' {{{gnt_version_suffix}}} to {{{[betaN]}}} for betas and {{{[]}}} for a full release
  1. Check pidgin.spec.in, make sure that "%define beta 7" is commented/uncommented appropriately
- 1. Run '{{{make distcheck}}}' and try to find crazy people to fix any problems it turns up
- 1. Make a test tarball and RPM and test to make sure everything works
+ 1. Run '{{{make distcheck}}}' and fix any problems it turns up
+ 1. Test a tarball to make sure everything works
  1. Verify that win32 builds succeed
  1. Make sure the Help->About logo is either unversioned or specifies the right version number
@@ -43,23 +43,7 @@
 gpg --verify pidgin-$VERSION.tar.gz.asc pidgin-$VERSION.tar.gz
 gpg --verify pidgin-$VERSION.tar.bz2.asc pidgin-$VERSION.tar.bz2
-  a. Build the SRPM
-rpmbuild -ts --sign --with avahi --with dbus --with meanwhile \
-    --with sasl --with silc --with tcl pidgin-$VERSION.tar.bz2
- 1. Upload the two tarballs, the two signatures, and the src.rpm
- 1. Make RPMs for lots of distributions and upload them
-  a. Install the src.rpm
-rpm -Uvh pidgin-$VERSION-0.src.rpm
-  a. Edit $rpmbuild/SPECS/pidgin.spec and append the distro name to the end of the Release line.  For example, ".fc5"
-  a. Build
-rpmbuild -bb --sign --with avahi --with dbus --with meanwhile \
-    --with sasl --with silc --with tcl $rpmbuild/SPECS/pidgin.spec
+ 1. Upload the two tarballs and the two signatures
  1. Wait a few hours and let people test.
  1. Update the Pidgin website
   a. Change inc/version.inc.php (only for full releases, not for betas)


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