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     * A search box for buddies that does real-time pruning of the tree as you type partial buddy names
     * Grouped by contact (person), so if I have "markdoliner" on AIM and "mark.doliner at gmail.com" on XMPP combined into a contact/person, the logs show up as being for one person, with some differentiation for me to tell which IM account was used.
   * Optionally propose an external log viewer.  This has been requested a few times and we have historically ignored these requests.
+== Migrate our code from Monotone to Mercurial ==
+We'd like to switch using the Mercurial version control system, because it has wider adoption and would be a lower barrier to entry for casual developers.  There are a few requirements for this project to be successful:
+ * Complete history
+ * All tags and branches
+ * Configuration/installation of Mercurial on our boxes
+ * Updated wiki information on how to access our Mercurial server, maybe a link to more Mercurial info.  Info on how to migrate from Monotone to Mercurial (even if it's just "mtn diff | patch"
 == Emoticon cache ==
 Currently Pidgin does nothing with received emoticons.  It could save a lot of bandwidth if a cache of received emoticons existed.  It could also be merged with local custom smileys so we have a unified way to manage these files.  The cache can be done per session, per conversation, per account, or as a global permanent cache (just as buddy icons).  The preferred method is a permanent cache so emoticons could be fetched only once.


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