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 You can see our page on the Summer of Code website at [http://socghop.appspot.com/org/home/google/gsoc2012/pidgin]
-||libpurple on Android||Michael Z||[wiki:MarkDoliner Mark Doliner]||not yet begun
+||[wiki:GSoC2012/Android libpurple on Android]||Michael Z||[wiki:MarkDoliner Mark Doliner]||not yet begun
 ||Pidgin Plugin Website||Nikhil Bafna||[wiki:kstange Kevin Stange]||not yet begun
 ||Usage Statistic Collection||Sanket||Eion Robb||not yet begun
 ||[http://blog.wasilczyk.pl/en/tag/gsoc2012-en/ Gadu-Gadu protocol plugin improvements]||Tomasz Wasilczyk||[wiki:elb Ethan Blanton]||not yet begun


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