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 The theme.xml file, all sound files (along with any image preview) should be placed in `$PURPLEHOME/themes/$THEMENAME/purple/sound/`, where $PURPLEHOME by default is ~/.purple on Linux, and `%APPDATA%\.purple` on Windows.
 Alternatively, in Linux the files can be put in /usr/share/themes/$THEMENAME/purple/sound/, or into $XDG_DATA_HOME/themes/$THEMENAME/purple/sound/, where $XDG_DATA_HOME defaults to ~/.local if not set.
+'''Note about file formats''': Pidgin supports archived, gzipped sound themes (`.tgz`,`.tar.gz`) directly, so you can take the themes below and put them in the location described above ''without'' extracting them and they should work.
 == Creating ==
 A theme consists of a XML file called theme.xml, all of the sound files used by the theme, and an optional image preview/logo file.  


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