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 Note that some third-party plugins rely on our build infrastructure and will build once you place the .c file in the appropriate plugins directory.  Plugin authors should indicate this information, if applicable to their plugins, on their website.
 == Why doesn't my Perl plugin show up in the Plugins dialog? ==
-Check if your Pidgin binary includes Perl support (Help->About).
+Check if your Pidgin binary includes Perl support (Help -> Build Information).
 You must also have a compatible Perl Runtime installed (on Windows, we require [http://www.activestate.com/Products/activeperl ActivePerl] or [http://strawberryperl.com/releases.html Strawberry Perl] 5.10.0 or a newer 5.10.x release - if you're running 64-bit Windows, make sure that you install the 32-bit version of Perl; Pidgin is a 32-bit application on Windows).

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