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  * (optional) integration with [https://developer.pidgin.im/wiki/GSoC2012/Android Android libpurple port], to let mobile client act standalone
 == Better buddy search ==
-Problem: In order to search for a buddy, his associated group should be open in gtk buddy-list.
+Problem: Searching for a buddy in the Pidgin buddy list (CTRL+f) doesn't work well.
+ * Pidgin only finds matches if the buddy's group is expanded.
+ * It's hard to find a buddy when there are multiple matches for the search string.
-I am not sure how exactly this can be done or what the challenges involved are. I chatted offline with Mark Doliner and it looks like, this might need a lot of change to actual handling of Buddy Lists! Student can maybe explore the following:
+Student should determine the ideal UI, then implement.  One possibility is to trim the buddy list in real time as the user types the search term, such that only matches are displayed.  This might mean temporarily replacing Pidgin's GtkTreeView with another tree view.  Or possibly removing then re-adding buddies from the tree view.
+Students should:
  * Look at how similar projects e.g. Adium, implement buddy search.
- * Chalk out how this feature could be implement or how much effort this would involve.
- * Maybe think about alternatives, such as separate search area (?) or maybe a plugin (?).
+ * Chalk out how this feature could be implemented and how much effort this would involve.
+ * Maybe think about alternatives, such as a separate search area or a plugin.
-This is very half baked and should probably have some refining if students wish to work on it.
+This project may not be large enough to consume a full summer.

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