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 === Why don't you listen to your users? ===
 Sorry, what was that?
+=== Why Won’t You Remove My Mailing List Posts? ===
+Occasionally we, the Pidgin team, receive requests to remove information from our mailing list archives.  We don’t honor those requests.  Quite frankly, by the time we get the request it’s already too late for removal to be useful.  Every post to our mailing lists is archived.  Our archives are public.  A number of other mailing list archival services have been subscribed to our lists, making duplicated archives that we have no control over.  Google and other search engines index our archives, which we also have no control over.  (Yes, robots.txt exists, but search engines are not obligated to obey it, and we actually want our archives indexed so our users can find information more easily.)  By the time we receive a request to remove any data from our archives, it already exists in so many places that one more copy of the data can’t possibly cause any additional harm.  We also do include a disclaimer at the bottom of every page on Trac, on the list info page for each of our mailing lists, and in the Help->About box in Pidgin itself that our mailing lists are publicly archived, thus adequate warning exists to inform people that their data will be publicly disclosed.  We cannot be held accountable for someone else’s failure to read the disclaimer.  So, as a policy, we do not remove anything from our mailing list archives.

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