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 || [http://github.com/VxJasonxV/emoji-for-pidgin/tarball/master Emoji for Pidgin v1.1] || Updated by VxJasonxV, originally by kmf || Emoji for Pidgin, Ported from Adium, Unicode Characters added (for use when iPhone/iPod Touch users send you raw emoji characters), Enabled for all ||
 || [https://github.com/stv0g/unicode-emoji Unicode Emojis for Pidgin] || [http://www.steffenvogel.de stv0g] || Full set of Unicode 6.0 symbols including Apple, Symbola and Android font ||
 || [raw-attachment:wiki:ThirdPartySmileyThemes:White_Emoticons_that_work.tar.gz White Emoticons that work 0.6] || hook || An easy to the eye white-ish theme ||
-|| [raw-attachment:wiki:ThirdPartySmileyThemes:AdvSmileys.tar.gz Advanced Smiley Package] || by Zenit|| All Smileys you need||
+|| [raw-attachment:wiki:ThirdPartySmileyThemes:AdvSmileys.tar.gz Advanced Smiley Package] || by Zenit || All classic ICQ smileys an more ||
 == Third-Party Scripts to Import Smiley Themes ==

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