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 || AlienFX-notification || [http://3d.benjamin-thaut.de/?p=11 Go] || Provides notification over the AlienFX device of Alienware laptops and PCs ||
 || Audible Alerts || [https://sourceforge.net/projects/audiblealerts/ Go] || Audible notification of a received IM by reading the buddy's screen name ||
 || Bluetooth Notifier || [http://code.google.com/p/pidgin-bt/ Go] || Sends new chat messages directly to your cell phone or any other Bluetooth-enabled device ||
-|| Command-execute || [http://tymm.github.io/command-execute/ Go] || Will execute a command on an updated conversation and works for both Pidgin and Finch ||
+|| Command-execute || [http://tymm.github.io/command-execute/ Go] || Executes a command on a new message and works for both Pidgin and Finch ||
 || Command-notification || [http://guysoft.wordpress.com/pidgin-x-chat-plugin-new-message/ Go] || Based off Led-notification this plugin will execute a command on receiving a new message ||
 || Guifications || [http://plugins.guifications.org/trac/wiki/Guifications Go] || Provides "toaster" popup notifications. ||
 || IM Pusher || [http://code.google.com/p/pidgin-im-pusher/ Go] || An extension of Notifo Notifications, pushes your messages at specified statuses (e.g. when you are away), two push services (notifo & pushme.to) are supported ||

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