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 Status: implemented but not integrated
 Currently uses its own API, but there has been discussion about replacing it with KSecretsService using the standard API.
+=== KeePass ===
+Cross-platform, open-source password manager.
+Integrating with Pidgin would involve either [http://keepass.info/help/v2/plugins.html writing a KeePass plug-in], or using one of the existing plugins that facilitate communicating with other apps. See for example [http://keefox.org/ KeeFox] (KeePass–Firefox bridge), which includes the [http://keefox.org/2010/12/02/keepassrpc-plugin-technical-overview/ KeePassRPC plugin].
+=== Mac OS Keychain ===
+[https://developer.apple.com/library/mac/documentation/Security/Conceptual/keychainServConcepts/01introduction/introduction.html Apple's developer documentation for Keychain]

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