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 || What's my IP || [http://www.siorarina.net/whats-my-ip/ Go] || Allows buddies to get your external IP by writing 'ip' on IM chat ||
 || Wikipedia look-up || [http://sourceforge.net/projects/pidginpluginfor/ Go] || Easy look-up received and typed words on Wikipedia. ||
 || XMPP Ignore Groups || [http://pidgin-xmpp-ignore-groups.googlecode.com/ Go] || Ignores server-sent XMPP groups so that you can move buddies around on annoying servers (e.g. Facebook) ||
+|| XMPP MUC Presence || [https://github.com/tmatz/pidgin-xmpp-muc-presence-plugin Go] || Shows participant's presence icon in chat room. ||
 || XMPP Receipts || [https://www.assembla.com/code/pidgin-xmpp-receipts/git/nodes Go] || Shows a delivering notification if the recipient supports it ||
 || XMPP URI Links || [https://github.com/jsravn/xmpp-uri Go] || Support clicking on xmpp links, such as xmpp:foo at bar.net?message to open a chat window. ||

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