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  * Look at how similar projects e.g. Adium, implement buddy search.
  * Chalk out how this feature could be implemented and how much effort this would involve.
  * Maybe think about alternatives, such as a separate search area or a plugin.
+== Miscellaneous, less-refined, small ideas ==
+ * $1 for every 5 lines of code removed.  Must remove at least 100 lines of code.  Removal must not cause things to break.  The intent is to reduce code duplication, so changes must make the code work better, or be easier to read, or make things cleaner, or eliminate confusion.
+ * a multi-user selector and associated request field types. I'd wanted to work on one, but when I attempt to mess with UI the result is almost always an atrocity. Something similar to a file selector, where it's got a simple "normal" display with a more complex pop-up. It would be useful for inviting multiple buddies to a chat, and sametime could use it for the announcement feature. API should permit filtering by account (or just some arbitrary filter function?) and possibly permit entering users that aren't in the blist.
+ * Generate Doxygen docs for our protocol plugins in a nice, organized way.  $25.
+ * $1 per memleak fix, regardless of size
+>>> '''Background:''' Checks are expensive (say, $15ish) for Europeans to cash, overseas wire transfers carry fees (similar, maybe a bit more), cash isn't safe.  Discussion on making micropayments like this feasible.  We can send checks within the US for free, so that's not a problem.
+>> hbons: What about a gift certificate for a big international online store (amazon or something)?
+> [wiki:elb] Good suggestion.  We could even make this an option; users could choose from an Amazon gift certificate or a check.  There are probably several retailers we can look at for this.  In the US, credit card-style "gift certificates" (which can be used anywhere that takes, e.g., Visa or American Express or whatever service backs the card) are quite affordable.  I do understand that in some European locales, using a proper credit card is also a problem.  In that case, though, we're back to the postage & time problem unless they can be ordered online; also, I'm not sure about denomination options.
+> In Europe, wire transfer could be used instead. Euro-denominated wire transfers within the EEA are treated as domestic within the Eurozone and many banks (at least in Germany) are doing domestic wire transfers for free. (NB: some countries in Europe are not part of the Eurozone although they have unilaterally adopted the Euro; some others are not part of the EEA but use the Euro bilaterally) -- chemistrydioxide
+ * Generate [http://www.swig.org SWIG] bindings for usage from plugin loaders - eventually replace current Perl and Tcl? loaders. $100
+> [wiki:deryni]: I think swig generates ugly, overly complicated code. In working on my lua loader I used swig to parse the gaim source into xml, then grabbed from the xml the information I needed about all the functions, classes, enums, etc. and then used lua itself to massage that information into boilerplate code for each function. I'd sooner see a script written to automatically generate the result of the swig->xml->simple_info_format which could then be used by loader authors to make their boilerplate (or at least be a reference of what should and shouldn't be bound).
+ * A Symbian (J2ME? S40? Any mobile will be great ..) client using libpurple. I get asked this really surprisingly frequently
+ * Replace GtkIMHtml with a better HTML widget. $100
+ * '''Privacy Rewrite''' Rewrite our privacy UI and API so that we correctly and intuitively handle the privacy settings for each protocol.  $100
+ * '''GObjectification''' Convert structs in Pidgin to GObjects.  $10 per major struct
+ * '''Support for Microsoft LCS''' Our SIP/SIMPLE plugin is currently not able to connect to Microsoft's Live Communication Server.  We have code for autheticating with NTLM, but it doesn't work correctly.  $25
+ * '''Rewrite the log API to be non-blocking'''
+ * '''Plugin Types''' - Remove the artificial distinction between protocol, loader, and "regular" plugins.  $100
+> [wiki:rekkanoryo] - Some work toward this will happen in GObjectification
+ * '''Improve ICQ support''' - The current implementation of ICQ support in our OSCAR code has some deficiencies, including issues with status messages, nearly non-existant privacy support, buddy list issues, some file transfer issues, buddy icons, etc.

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