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Comment: Full disclosure that I think people who want to work for bounties have an uphill battle
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 == Bounty-specific information ==
  * We have traditionally not funded development or bounties ourselves. We have no problems with 3rd parties or bounty websites funding development. Our standard code acceptance criteria applies (the change must be desirable by Pidgin users, code must be clear and concise, etc).
+ * If you wish to work for bounties, you'll need to be responsible for nagging Pidgin developers to determine what types of changes we're willing to accept. And we can't guarantee any sort of turnaround time on review patches or releasing things that have been committed.
  * 3rd party bounty websites you might be interested in (again, these are not endorsed by the Pidgin project)
   * http://www.fossfactory.org/
   * http://bountyfunding.org/

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