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Comment: Add project for configuration management of our servers. Maybe not great for SoC. I kind of had this in mind as a general bounty project, if we ever want to consider bounties.
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  * Consider ways to provide translated versions of images and screen shots
  * This particular idea may not be sufficiently complex to span a summer and it may be worthwhile to combine it with other web site or internationalization improvements to Pidgin or some other type of larger project.
+== Reproducible hosting ==
+''This project does not deal with the Pidgin codebase. It deals with the servers that host the Pidgin website, mailing lists, this wiki, etc.''
+Project: Create configuration for a configuration management tool (such as Puppet or Chef) that can recreate Pidgin's current hosting environment.
+More info: We run a lot of services off of two servers. The services have been configured manually as needed. This is a time-consuming process and it would be very inconvenient to rebuild everything. A correct solution would be able to recreate all needed services automatically on a clean server. A correct solution would work well regardless of the Linux distribution which is used.
+ * Switch web server from lighttpd to nginx
+ * Ensure all data is backed up (mailing list archives, home directories, source repositories, anything else important that isn't captured in the configuration management config).
+List of services:
+ * Web site for www.pidgin.im
+ * Trac for developers.pidgin.im
+ * Web site and MediaWiki for imfreedom.org
+ * Mercurial version control for hg.pidgin.im
+ * Mailing lists for Pidgin and IM Freedom
+ * Mailing list archives for Pidgin and IM Freedom
+ * Automated generation of localization stats at https://developer.pidgin.im/l10n/
+ * Automated generation of API documentation at https://developer.pidgin.im/doxygen/
+ * DNS for pidgin.im and imfreedom.org
+ * Email for pidgin.im and imfreedom.org
 == libpurple detachable sessions ==

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