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 Ethan has been working on Pidgin since 2002, and got started by "scratching an itch" related to character encodings.  He is the author of the IRC plugin, the Tcl loader plugin, and still puts a hand in on i18n issues from time to time.  He is currently a Ph.D. student at Purdue University working in the area of Internetworking.
 My [http://pidgin.im/~elb/ Pidgin web page] and [http://pidgin.im/~elb/blog/ Pidgin development blog] may be of some interest.
+Some of my ideas regarding a desire for an end-to-end XMPP crypto plugin can be found at [wiki:EndToEndXMPPCrypto].  Which annoyingly doesn't auto-linkify.
 Thanks to [wiki:wabz] for figuring out the photo business, so you can all see my beautiful mug.

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