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  * '''Strong authentication.'''  All data exchanged via the protocol should have strong authentication.  Not all data may be encrypted, but all data should be authenticated.
  * '''Perfect forward secrecy.'''  Whether this is for all messages, each session, or exactly what level of granularity needs to be determined.
+ * '''Algorithmic flexibility.'''  Cryptographic techniques evolve, computing power increases, and needs change.  Some sort of algorithm naming protocol (such as used by TLS or PGP) is necessary for future-proofing and tailoring protection to the data being protected.
  * '''XMPP Presence integration.'''  This means that XMPP presence stanzas for a client supporting the protocol should provide, at a minimum:
   * Notification that the client supports e2e encryption
   * Public key material or equivalent information, or a method to retrieve it

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