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@@ -154,15 +154,14 @@
 * `/usr/bin/tzc`
  * `libpurple/protocols/zephyr/zephyr.c`
 * `gconftool-2` (only on startup)
- * `pidgin/gtkutils.c`
+ * `libpurple/proxy.c`
 === Pidgin's processes ===
 A little annotation of processes that Pidgin 3.0 spawns, where, and why. This will help us know where and when to chroot and what might break.
-* on startup, about twenty processes are spawned for gconftool-2 to register different kinds of URL handlers
- * I wouldn't be surprised if this significantly delays startup, and if there's a better way to do it
- * see [https://hg.pidgin.im/soc/2015/mmcc/main/file/bc63cdee394b/pidgin/gtkutils.c#l3441 pidgin/gtkutils.c:3441]
+* `gconftool-2` is used to query proxy settings from GNOME
+ * see [https://hg.pidgin.im/pidgin/main/file/6525f141a8bb/libpurple/proxy.c#l244 libpurple/proxy.c:244]
 * DNS queries are done from forked processes
  * these don't seem to use any significant access and could probably be heavily locked down
  * reliably, one seems to die on startup - is this  bug?

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