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 == Clean-up ideas ==
-* We have 344 `#if 0` blocks in the code base - are all of them still relevant and necessary?
+* Drop many `#if 0` blocks.
 * It seems like the typing status functionality could be condensed a lot, or that "API" could be defined to something more useful/broad. The IM conversation API (found in `libpurple/conversationtypes.h`) consists of:
  * '''2''' core functions
  * '''2''' icon related functions
@@ -134,10 +134,11 @@
 Privilege separation is one of the easiest ways to improve Pidgin's security.
-After initial library loading, there are three types of file access for Pidgin:
+After initial library loading, there are four types of file access for Pidgin:
 * access to libpurple-specific files in `~/.purple/`
 * access to files in arbitrary locations for file transfers
 * GTK-related files (icons, etc.) from `/usr/share`
+* access to binaries (these should probably be replaced or removed)
 Of course, the third does not apply to libpurple.

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