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   Yes; use the OTR plugin or the SILC protocol.
 ==== Long Answer ====
+  These days, pretty much all chat protocols are encrypted between the client and the server. We'll assume that you're asking about end-to-end encryption: when only the two people having the conversation have access to its unencrypted contents.
   The SILC protocol is natively encrypted.  For other protocols, which do not natively support encryption, neither do we.  Simply encrypting the data stream with no verification of the parties involved in the conversation is not secure in any sense of the word.  Some other clients offer options like this, but we feel that such measures instill a false sense of security that is more harmful than helpful.
   Note that there are a number of third-party plugin developers working on secure IM frameworks.  Take a look at the ThirdPartyPlugins page for links to those we know of.

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