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  * '''2''' core functions
  * '''2''' icon related functions
  * '''11''' typing-status-related functions.
+== Some 3.0 blockers ==
+This list is to help me organize what remains between us and a 3.0 beta release. Many have to do with the plugin API, which changed drastically when the GObject code was merged a year or so ago. We need documentation for these changes, and they caused major regressions in some of our included plugins.
+* the History plugin renders its log history below, not above, the current conversation
+* at least on OpenBSD, a bug in the plugin unloading logic causes a segfault in GPlugin on quit
+* pushed messages (messages which were sent when the recipient was offline) are displayed with only the time sent, not the date
+* the typing status logic seems pretty thoroughly broken
+ * for example, each backspace will cause a new XMPP typing update, with no rate limiting
+ * statuses also don't time out - a 3.0 user will often be listed as "stopped typing" for hours, even when the recipient is using 2.x.y
+* the ExtPlacement plugin's config window is broken
+Honestly, a 3.0 alpha release could probably be done at this point. I think it would be a good idea to drop GStreamer 0.10 and GTK+ 2 support before we do, though, to ensure that no one is building with them.
 == Building Pidgin 3.0 ==

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