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 || Guiops || [https://code.google.com/p/pidgin-guiops/ Go] || GUIOps plugin provides more GUI customization options ||
 || Hide Chat || [https://launchpad.net/pidgin-hide-chat Go] || Hides the window/tab for a channel when it is joined (useful for auto-join channels) ||
 || Ignore Nick Change || [https://github.com/EionRobb/pidgin-ignore-nickchange Go] || Hides the "X is now known as Y" messages in chats ||
-|| IRC Format || [https://code.google.com/p/pidgin-irc-format/ Go] || A Pidgin/libpurple plugin that lets you set your text to be bold/underline/italics/whatever in IRC chats/IMs. ||
+|| IRC Format || [https://github.com/BlueWinds/pidgin-irc-format Go] || A Pidgin/libpurple plugin that lets you send and receive bold/underline/italic/colored text in IRC chats/IMs. ||
 || keys per minute || [http://3d.benjamin-thaut.de/?p=12 Go] || Counts the keys per minute while you are typing a message and displays it. ||
 || Leftify tabs || [https://github.com/nablaa/pidgin-leftify-tabs-plugin Go] || Moves a conversation tab to the leftmost position in the tab bar whenever a message arrives. ||
 || Manual Resize || [ticket:5296 Go] and [http://www.freshports.org/net-im/pidgin-manualsize/ Go] || Allows manually resizing the conversation window entry area. ||

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