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== Presentation ==
I'm acknowledged in the cyberworld as Akronix and I'm a [https://developer.pidgin.im/wiki/SummerOfCode2015 GSoc 2015 Student for pidgin.]

My project consists in porting libpurple changes from Instantbird to the original pidgin's libpurple.

== Tasks ==
* #if 0 macros for disabling features of libpurple
* Structs for encapsulating UiOps:
 * PurpleCommandsUiOps
 * PurpleGetTextUiOps
 * PurplePrefsUiOps
* ''(todiscuss)'' libpurple location info support in instantbird's libpurple
*  ''(todiscuss)'' instantbird's proxy settings

* ''(More to add)''

== Contact ==
You can reach me by e-mail: akronix5 at gmail.com; or in the IRC/Jabber rooms as akronix/akronix5.

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