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 * Another GSoC student, who was using GTK+2, reported weird GUI errors like missing input boxes that were unreported in the debug log. GTK+3 is your best bet - `sudo apt-get install gtk+3` should get you at least most of the way there.
 * Run Pidgin from a terminal window (just type `pidgin`, or the full pathname) so that you can see loader warnings and other such non-fatal console reports.
+=== "I'm having trouble building 3.0. I'll just make my additions to 2.x.y." ===
+Please don't.
+Your changes are likely to be inapplicable or non-translatable, meaning that they'd have to be completely rewritten to be added to 3.0. The fundamental library internals are quite different, and almost everything wasn't overhauled is renamed and shuffled into a different file.
+Additionally, I'm finding 3.0 much more pleasant to code in.
 === "Help!" ===
 If you're having trouble building Pidgin 3.0, contact me - I'm happy to help.

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