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 * Porting PurpleCommandsUiOps / PurplePrefsUiOps to libpurple core
 * Porting changes to build with MSVC to libpurple core
 * Sync changes between Instantbird's libpurple/core libpurple (i.e. ensure changes in Instantbird's libpurple have a reason behind them, if not remove them; port changes from Instantbird's libpurple to core if they're a potential crasher fix, etc.)
+* Clean up Instantbird's proxy settings to be uniform across the product (i.e. inside and outside of libpurple)
+* Add ifdefs to disable libpurple features (instead of commenting out / removing / wrapping code in #if 0 blocks)
 This will likely involve working closely with the Instantbird team to understand why certain changes to libpurple were made and with the Pidgin team to understand how best to integrate these changes back to libpurple core.

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