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 ==== Why do I get a "Server does not use any supported authentication method" error? ====
 If you get this error, have a look in your debug log to see if you also get the error message "sasl: sasl_state is -1, failing the mech and trying again"  If you are getting this, a workaround is to try adding your hostname (from /etc/hostname) to your /etc/hosts as an alias for then reconnect.
+==== Why do I get a "Not authorized" error after turning on two-factor authentication? ==== #gtalk_2fa
+If you get this error, you might need to allow "less secure apps" to connect via https://www.google.com/settings/security/lesssecureapps or set an app password for Pidgin via https://security.google.com/settings/security/apppasswords
 === XMPP Buddies ===

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