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 === Better UI ===
 Pidgin has historically led the way in instant messaging UI design.  Several Pidgin behaviors have gone on to become ubiquitous.  That said, our UI has stagnated over the years, and it seems like IM UI in general has not done much in recent history.  Propose something novel and interesting and convince us people would want it - or at least that it's worth seeing if they will.  We're not necessarily looking for crazy or off the wall, but we ''are'' looking for plausibly better.
+== Internals ==
+=== Code hardening ===
+libpurple has a large amount of network-facing C code, which makes it a big target.  Code hardening, security auditing, and elimination of common errors have the potential to be a big win affecting a lot of users.  libpurple 3.0 also offers us an interesting opportunity in that it ''should'' make possible protocol plugins written in a VHLL, which would reduce entire classes of vulnerabilities significantly.  Propose some specific hardening or auditing activities to improve the code quality of libpurple or a libpurple client.

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