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 === Code hardening ===
 libpurple has a large amount of network-facing C code, which makes it a big target.  Code hardening, security auditing, and elimination of common errors have the potential to be a big win affecting a lot of users.  libpurple 3.0 also offers us an interesting opportunity in that it ''should'' make possible protocol plugins written in a VHLL, which would reduce entire classes of vulnerabilities significantly.  Propose some specific hardening or auditing activities to improve the code quality of libpurple or a libpurple client.
+=== User Highlighting and Name Completion ===
+Pidgin implements a very basic form of name completion which doesn't work with some of the newer protocols (namely Hipchat which has a distinction between highlight names and display names).  This project is to create an interface for protocol plugins to expose what is complete-able as well as implement an API in libpurple that will be used by the user interfaces.
+Also, some of the new protocols have added additional highlights (that should be complete-able) and cause the user to be notified (blue tab in Pidgin).  Examples of the additional highlights are @here and @all in Hipchat, and @channel in Slack.

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