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Revision 12
Comment: Add libdir override to avoid installing libraries into places like lib/x86_64-linux-gnu (meson bug?)
Index: BuildingWinPidgin/3.0.0
--- BuildingWinPidgin/3.0.0 (version: 11)
+++ BuildingWinPidgin/3.0.0 (version: 12)
@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@
   Create your build directory with the `--cross-file` option. You may choose FHS or classic directory layout (default is classic). For now (while the installer is missing), FHS will be easier to install and run. The rest of this script assumes you're using FHS. Make sure to have the Pidgin source tree as a child of the current directory.
-meson pidgin build-win32 --cross-file win32_cross.txt --prefix=/mingw32/ -Dconsoleui=false -Dvv=false -Dintrospection=false -Dwin32-dirs=fhs
+meson pidgin build-win32 --cross-file win32_cross.txt --prefix=/mingw32/ -Dconsoleui=false -Dvv=false -Dintrospection=false -Dwin32-dirs=fhs -Dlibdir=lib
   Change into the build directory and build it:

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