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 == Is file transfer supported? ==
 Somewhat.  Sending and receiving files is currently supported on:
- * AIM (hard limit of 4 GB)
  * ICQ (hard limit of 4 GB)
  * IRC
- * MSN (send through server only)
  * SILC
- * Yahoo when not using an HTTP proxy (requires libpurple 2.4.0 or newer and is relayed via a file transfer server).
  * XMPP (Jabber)
 Most protocols support file transfer, but libpurple doesn't support it yet.  If you would like the file transfer support to work better or be more complete, grab the source and submit a patch!
@@ -32,6 +29,4 @@
 == Which protocols support now playing status? ==
 Currently only the following protocols support seting the "current song"/"Now Playing" status.
- * MSN
- * Myspace
  * XMPP (Jabber)

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