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Kevin M Stange kevin at simguy.net
Mon Dec 4 21:58:20 EST 2006

Sean Egan wrote:
> Cabal,
> I expect to step down as maintainer/lead developer/guy in
> charge/whatever my official title is coinciding with the 2.0.0
> releaseket. I'll stay on as President of the coporation (until April at
> least, when we reelect the board and officers), and I'll continue to
> write code here and there (notably -vv stuff), but I won't necessarily
> feel *obliged* to (and then subsequently disappointed when I can't
> find the time). ;)
> We should choose a successor. Anyone want to make any nominations?

I would like to nominate Mark, assuming I'm allowed to submit a
nomination.  I think he's a dedicated developer, he seems to know where
things are going and what he's doing, and he's generally an all-around
cool guy. I think he can keep the project pointed in the right direction
skillfully.  :)

> Additionally, since we're looking to further the wedge between the
> Pidgin and Pidgin-text UIs and the libpurple library, do we want to
> appoint different leads for the different projects? On the one hand,
> it seems like the two go so hand-in-hand, that it makes little sense
> to split them up like that. On the other hand, perhaps the two going
> so hand-in-hand is a hinderence to other UI's that don't have that
> benefit. Maybe Evan has some insight.

I think purple and pidgin should stay under the same lead developer for
now.  A lot of the features that drive Pidgin are going to need to have
corresponding, coordinated work in the core that is purple.  It seems
like it might be better to have one person oversee the progress of both
until it seems like purple and pidgin are no longer driving in the same

On the other hand, separating the lead developer between the two
projects would allow this wedge to be driven in more quickly and let two
different people set different priorities for the two projects,
separately.  I don't know that I like this idea, but it has some merits,
I'm sure.

> Thoughts?
> -s.


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