[Cabal] beta6 and after

Sean Egan seanegan at gmail.com
Tue Dec 5 21:21:41 EST 2006

Once I finish my new statusbox, I'm ready to release a beta6. If
anyone else has anything they want to get in it, let me know. I figure
we can do beta6 next week.

After beta6, I want to effectively shut down souceforge svn and move
all development to pidgin.im (monotone, I guess?) We'll freeze except
for bugs, translations, and name change/icon-related stuff. People can
backport bug fixes to sf svn if they like, but we should use pidgin.im
as the main repo.

Our first look at logo designs comes this Monday. Once we choose a
design, we should be able to start getting website stuff done, then.

I talk to the lawyers about AOL's response tomorrow at noon PST, but
now that we're talking to them again,  it hopefully shouldn't be too
long before that's out of the way. I'll let you know what we conclude
with the lawyers tomorrow.

If nothing else comes up, I think we should be able to have an early
January release.

Sound good?


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