[Cabal] beta6 and after

Ethan Blanton elb at psg.com
Tue Dec 5 21:30:01 EST 2006

Sean Egan spake unto us the following wisdom:
> Once I finish my new statusbox, I'm ready to release a beta6. If
> anyone else has anything they want to get in it, let me know. I figure
> we can do beta6 next week.
> After beta6, I want to effectively shut down souceforge svn and move
> all development to pidgin.im (monotone, I guess?) We'll freeze except
> for bugs, translations, and name change/icon-related stuff. People can
> backport bug fixes to sf svn if they like, but we should use pidgin.im
> as the main repo.

So, are we going to simply not do anything on SourceForge, and hope no
one notices?  The flood of "Is Gaim Dead?" questions is bound to
multiply horribly in a month of near-zero visible activity...  Or are
we going to go public before release?

As far as switching to monotone, there are still migration issues to
be resolved if we want a contiguous history from Day Zero.  I don't
know if datallah has had time to look into the tailor issues with
making it fudge that import, but I haven't.  I suspect it can be
hacked into working in a reasonable period of time, but I personally
won't have time to look at it until at least the middle of next week,
if not after.

(Basically, we want tailor to import /gaim/trunk/gaim up to some
revision, then skip a few, then import /gaim/trunk from that point
until the tip.  There may be a few changes in between that skip that
have to be rolled in by hand.  I *think* one can coerce tailor to do
this with some hand-twiddling and maybe a couple of lines of code
change, but I looked briefly at what would be involved for the
twiddling and figuring it out was going to take me more than ten
minutes, so I put it aside.  Other branches can then be imported at
any time; connecting them properly (so that they can be merged) may be
somewhat more time consuming, but at least the very old branches (e.g.
oldstatus) do not require this.)

Of course, if we decide to go with recent history in monotone +
ancient history in svn (which can then be served from a dumb web
server, if I understand correctly), this becomes moot.  I am
personally, after contemplation, in favor of that approach only if all
else fails.

> Our first look at logo designs comes this Monday. Once we choose a
> design, we should be able to start getting website stuff done, then.
> I talk to the lawyers about AOL's response tomorrow at noon PST, but
> now that we're talking to them again,  it hopefully shouldn't be too
> long before that's out of the way. I'll let you know what we conclude
> with the lawyers tomorrow.
> If nothing else comes up, I think we should be able to have an early
> January release.
> Sound good?

Modulo the above, I'm gung-ho.  ;-)


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