[Cabal] Maintaining/Lead developing

Mark Doliner mark at kingant.net
Wed Dec 6 04:12:12 EST 2006

On Mon, 4 Dec 2006 17:52:25 -0800, Sean Egan wrote
> I expect to step down as maintainer/lead developer/guy in
> charge/whatever my official title is coinciding with the 2.0.0
> release. I'll stay on as President of the coporation (until April at
> least, when we reelect the board and officers), and I'll continue to
> write code here and there (notably -vv stuff), but I won't 
> necessarily feel *obliged* to (and then subsequently disappointed 
> when I can't find the time). ;)

I hope you'll still write stuff that makes Gaim more futuristic.  Like the
statusbox.  And drag and drop all over the place.

> Additionally, since we're looking to further the wedge between the
> Pidgin and Pidgin-text UIs and the libpurple library, do we want to
> appoint different leads for the different projects? On the one hand,
> it seems like the two go so hand-in-hand, that it makes little sense
> to split them up like that. On the other hand, perhaps the two going
> so hand-in-hand is a hinderence to other UI's that don't have that
> benefit. Maybe Evan has some insight.

I'm mostly ok with the way things are now.  I think having things in the same
repository is convenient.  Same for sharing a bug tracker, wiki, etc.  It
might be good if Pidgin-text had it's own FAQ, or maybe it's own single page
on the Gaim web site or something.  I think sadrul has done a good job with
the whole Pidgin-text thing, and I'm in favor of letting him make the final

I also think it'd be good if we had the ability to give people write access to
just certain parts of the repository.   For example, it seems like that wabz
fella has been submitting a lot of patches to Pidgin-text, maybe sadrul would
want to add him as a dev for Pidgin-text?  Does monotone allow that?


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