[Cabal] Maintaining/Lead developing

Mark Doliner mark at kingant.net
Wed Dec 6 04:32:03 EST 2006

On Mon, 04 Dec 2006 20:58:20 -0600, Kevin M Stange wrote
> Sean Egan wrote:
> > I expect to step down as maintainer/lead developer/guy in
> > charge/whatever my official title is coinciding with the 2.0.0
> > releaseket. I'll stay on as President of the coporation (until April at
> > least, when we reelect the board and officers), and I'll continue to
> > write code here and there (notably -vv stuff), but I won't necessarily
> > feel *obliged* to (and then subsequently disappointed when I can't
> > find the time). ;)
> > 
> > We should choose a successor. Anyone want to make any nominations?
> >
> I would like to nominate Mark, assuming I'm allowed to submit a
> nomination.  I think he's a dedicated developer, he seems to know where
> things are going and what he's doing, and he's generally an all-
> around cool guy. I think he can keep the project pointed in the 
> right direction skillfully.  :)

Thanks Kevin and Nathan.  I'd be willing to do stuff, if that's what people
want.  I think Richard would be good, too.  FYI I won't have any more time
than I currently have, but if that's ok with people... should we like, do some
kind of official vote?

Or I mean, are we sure we want to have a maintainer/lead developer/guy in
charge?  We could go all super-republic on their asses.  I don't really know
who "they" are, but I thought it went well in that sentence.


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