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Ethan Blanton elb at psg.com
Sat Dec 9 22:53:27 EST 2006

Ethan Blanton spake unto us the following wisdom:
> As far as switching to monotone, there are still migration issues to
> be resolved if we want a contiguous history from Day Zero.  I don't
> know if datallah has had time to look into the tailor issues with
> making it fudge that import, but I haven't.  I suspect it can be
> hacked into working in a reasonable period of time, but I personally
> won't have time to look at it until at least the middle of next week,
> if not after.

I believe I have a working migration script (really, pile of scripts,
Makefile, and black magic), and I've started a migration.  If all goes
well, in a day or two we'll have a complete monotone history of the
single, linear Gaim tree from revision 9 in svn through whatever the
current revision is at the time it gets there.  I'm not to the "have a
working subversion install" stage yet, so there's still a possibility
it'll fail, but I'm pretty sure I'll be able to make it go sooner or

For those who are interested in the gory details, there's a tarball at
~elb/gaim-migrate.tar.gz on pidgin that contains the scripts.  Don't
run it, it uses a bajillion years of CPU time and a bajillibyte of
network transfer data from sourceforge, and I'm already running it to
do the "official" migration, but you might want to look at it.  What
it does is:

* Build Subversion 1.3.2 if the system subversion is not 1.3.x; this
  is because 1.4.x uses a different metadata format which the script
  doesn't grok.

* Build an svn proxy executable which looks for a few specific command
  lines and does something different than svn would do; more later.

* Patch tailor to check out only through revision 9, regardless of how
  many revisions are in the repository.

* Start a tailor migration, using

* Kill the migration (by returning failure in svnproxy) when svn tries
  to log from revision 9 to 10.

* Change the tailor config to point to

* Re-patch tailor to check out only through revision 16020 (the
  first re-arrangement revision).

* Continue the tailor migration.  Abort at 16020.

* Grovel through all the .svn/entries files, changing URLs from
  trunk/gaim to trunk, and revisions from 16020 to 16024.

* Change the tailor config file to start at 16024 (I don't think this
  does anything any more).

* Re-start the tailor migration.

* When tailor tries to update to revision 16023, have svnproxy tell it
  everything went OK and don't do anything.

When all that is done, we have a history.  I haven't completed a
migration, yet (I just got the problem revisions working and started a
complete migration with the official key), but I'm hoping it will
either work, or work enough to get the rest going by hand.

I haven't tried hooking branches to that tree yet, that will be my
next step; however, that work can proceed at any time.


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