[Cabal] logo?

Steven Garrity stevelist at silverorange.com
Tue Dec 19 14:00:59 EST 2006

My feedback on the first round of logo designs:

I think they are all nice - pro, stylish, fun.

1. Looks a bit like a chicken (don't know why). Overall shape looks a 
bit like heart too, which is weird. I love the quote feet. Very 
friendly-looking. Solid, but not my favourite.

2. Clever. Probably too clever - the abstract bird head is more 
distinguishable separate from the word. Love the quotes as P, D, and G 

3. Classic, classy, meaningful (good clear speech bubble). If anything, 
a bit too stately and classy looking. Probably my favourite.

I showed the logos around to the team at silverorange and the reaction 
was surprisingly negative. Not much in concrete feedback - they just 
didn't seem to like them.

That said, most of the criticism seemed to focus around the bird looking 
like other types of birds (turkeys, chickens, swans, etc.). I can see 
that a bit too.

People liked the lettering in the name 'pidgin' from proposal #2, with 
the P, D, and G as quotes, but found the bird too abstract (but my wife 
thought that was awesome).

In general #3 was the favourite. Some commented that they liked the 
early variation of #3 when it was still inside a separate speech bubble.

I'd like to see the lettering from #2 carried over - and maybe some 
variations to #3 to make it look more soft/friendly/more-like-a-pigeon 
(however you do that... I don't know).

In general, I like what I see (a lot), but the feedback others gave me 
was mixed.

Steven Garrity

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