[Cabal] Contract change

Mark Doliner mark at kingant.net
Wed Nov 8 22:41:13 EST 2006

On Wed, 8 Nov 2006 18:35:19 -0800, Sean Egan wrote
> On 11/8/06, Stu Tomlinson <stu at nosnilmot.com> wrote:
> >  - for the code changes that change namespaces can we do this with an
> > 'anonymous' username just so it's obvious from
> > annotate/blame/vcs_of_the_month_synonym that it was a mass change?
> >  - how about we add a task to provide a script to try to re-namespace
> > existing plugins as best we can? (for 3rd party plugins that have
> > already gone to great pains to keep up with the 2.0.0beta API changes)
> Let's discuss this. I don't think we should change namespaces. Nor
> does Ethan. Rlaager thinks we should. Richard's point I liked best is
> that it would be nice to have obvious completely different namespaces
> for purple and pigeon, to emphasize that split.

I'm absolutely in favor of renamespacing away from gaim_everything().


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