[Cabal] subversion?

Luke Schierer lschiere at users.sf.net
Wed Oct 25 10:35:00 EDT 2006

Looking at Sean's changes to the developer.pidgin.im front page, I
notice the sketch requiring some sort of subversion tutorial or at least
a link to one.

In various places and ways, many of us have hit short comings of
subversion.  Even though the import from cvs did not go as well as it
could have, I still think we should be seriously considering what would
be a *good* source version control rather than simply settling for
subversion as the better of sf's two provided solutions.

Ethan has said that monotone would make a good choice, and one that
integrates with trac in a similar maner to subversion.  I think now,
with relatively few people using the repository, and thus little
inertia, would be a good time to test using monotone.


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