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Luke Schierer lschiere at users.sf.net
Mon Oct 30 20:51:01 EST 2006

On Mon, Oct 30, 2006 at 08:43:04PM -0500, Evan Schoenberg wrote:
> On Oct 30, 2006, at 8:29 PM, Luke Schierer wrote:
> >I have started using faqomatic at
> >http://support.pidgin.im/cgi-bin/pidginfaq.pl?
> >
> >Ideally this would show up as http://support.pidgin.im/faq, but I am
> >unsure how to do that.
> >
> >It is not perfect, it does not have a secure way of authenitcating
> >yourself with it, and I do not see its user management, though I do  
> >see
> >that it does have a concept of permissions for different types of  
> >users.
> >
> >Given it is not perfect, I am open to other suggestions.  It does
> >however fill many of my basic desires, items can be categorized and
> >moved easily, and they can be atomically edited.  They can also be
> >removed relatively easily, and you can add to the faq without
> >manipulating a large text file.
> If we're going to be using Trac for other purposes... what about the  
> Trac Wiki doesn't fulfill the needs here?

There are two ways to do a FAQ in a wiki. 

1)a single FAQ page.  This is not substantially different from our
faq.txt and faq.php pair, and has all of its flaws.

2)to make each question/answer pair its own wiki page.  This would be
more or less equivalent to what faqomatic is providing, each category
would be a page that is itself a list of links deeper into the wiki.
The leaf pages would have answers.  The problem here is that Wiki links
are ugly.

I would be more inclined to this approach if we were going to put the
faq in developer.pidgin.im or if trac were running pidgin.im itself.
Given that it is not running pidgin.im, I think we have the opportunity
to have a set of support pages that more narrowly focus on users vrs
developers, and then have developer.pidgin.im do the reverse.  We can
perhaps better serve the needs of this overlaping, but in some respects
very different sets of users.

Or perhaps sean's request for support.pidgin.im has lead me towards


> -Evan

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