[Cabal] FAQ and support.pidgin.im

Evan Schoenberg evan.s at dreskin.net
Mon Oct 30 21:30:59 EST 2006

On Oct 30, 2006, at 9:20 PM, Luke Schierer wrote:

> We have a substantial set of users who want very little to do with
> development.  They expect a solid product, and are upset with us  
> when we
> fail to meet their expectations.  This class of users will be  
> annoyed by
> integrating developer.pidgin.im with "support" functions beyond the
> trouble tickets themselves. But they are also a class of users that I
> really don't like encouraging the existance of.
Ditto to the last sentiment.  In fact, I've been quite happy with  
such users being presented with the fact that they are looking at an  
open, active development community, not a commercial no-face.

> I don't want another forum, but if it were to be realistic to allow  
> even
> somewhat open editing of the wiki pages
There's a concept of "read-only" pages in Trac which I haven't  
explored, but I *think* the idea is that you can allow editing of  
most pages but explicitly disallow non-admin editing of others, such  
as the front page.  The way I've been handling wiki editing in Adium  
is to have anonymous access off but give wiki write access to any  
user who requests it; so far, I haven't been disappointed in the  
results.  While people will do Dumb Stuff if they feel anonymous, it  
seems that most won't actually go out of their way to be destructive.

On the other hand, Gaim has Windows users.

> faqomatic could also do this, but then we'd have two places for such
> helpful users to have a presence, in which case we are likely to be
> presenting too high a bar for participation.


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