[Cabal] FAQ and support.pidgin.im

Nathan Walp faceprint at faceprint.com
Tue Oct 31 01:03:08 EST 2006

Luke Schierer wrote:
> I have started using faqomatic at
> http://support.pidgin.im/cgi-bin/pidginfaq.pl
My $0.02:

At work, about a year and a half ago (wow, that was a while back), we 
killed faqomatic with prejudice, and replaced it with MediaWiki.  I 
wrote a bunch of scripts to convert several hundred entries, and do 
automatic redirects of the old faqomatic URLs.

It was so long ago that I don't remember all that we hated about 
faqomatic, but I do know that once everyone got used to formatting 
things the wiki way, everyone liked the wiki a lot more.

</unsupported gut feeling>


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